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Much WOW: House of BAO x ATX DAO

​Valentine's, Galantine's, Palantine's, Airdroptine's... ​Ditch your February Funk and rediscover everything you can eat between two buns while re-inventing the art of the three-letter rhyme at Much WOW: House of BAO x ATX DAO! ​ATX's DAO's own #artichokelord, world-class BAO curator, will hand-pick a selection of iconic BAO flavors sure to stoke the bull market fire. 🐂📈 (Choking Art Lord optional, and highly encouraged!) ​Featured flavors will include: Pork Belly, Vegetarian Pork Belly, Vegan Pork Belly, and Pork-Free Pork Belly. (Rumor has it non-Pork BAOs may also be available...stay tuned!) ​VJ Mark-HO will provide immaculately-matched breakbeats, pairing the best fermented grape juice that Bourgogne, California, and Points East have to offer your two well as the event venue and stadium-loud sound. Additional deets, location, and registration in the provided link