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6 days 22 hours 32 minutes until  LATE NIGHT  SUNKEN TEMPLE · Clan Knightmare - A Gaming Guild - calendar ·

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<:LeaderX:1124529969926779050> <@410262150590890009> <:empty:592384590375550976> <:SignUpsX:1124529971428339752> \\\*\\\*0\\\*\\\* <:empty:592384590375550976> <:CountdownX:1124530049329139772> \\\*\\\*Link to Event:\\\*\\\* \\\*\\\*Description:\\\*\\\* PLZ SHOW UP 15 MIN EARLY at the latest IF YOU CAN invites go out 9:45 server BOONS AND CON REQUIRED CORE MEMBERS HAVE PRIO OVER FILLERS PLEASE LOOK AT THE NEW FINALIZED RULES FOR THIS RAID