Discord Events Support

BTW Here are 3 things that I think makes Atomcal worth a try

  1. You can increase your community and events visibility by generating a publicly shareable calendar link that has your community branding!
  2. You can setup your recurring events (that mirror Discord Native events) in a quick and easy 3 steps process
  3. Gamify your events by generating a weekly/monthly leaderboard for who joins the most events to increase events turnout

Here are some communities servers that use Atomcal to manage their events

  1. https://atomcal.com/duelists-unite
  2. https://atomcal.com/Ir1shguysTavern
  3. https://atomcal.com/TCR

More details can be found here. Or just run /help command after installing Atomcal bot to learn how to setup.

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