How to grow your Discord community

Here are some tried and trusted ways to grow your community to its true potential. Are you a community manager looking to grow your community organically? Then you have landed on the right resource. Let's dive in.

1. Schedule events (a lot of them)

Events are the heart of any community. The more events you schedule the more engagement you get from your community and the more they are actively sharing the community with their friends to join and getting the full benefit of being in a community.

How to automate sharing Discord events across different servers
How to automate sharing Discord events across different servers

2. Create welcoming and introduction channels

Welcome and introduction are a great way to keep the community engaged and getting to know new members who join your community.

3. Talk with new members and listen to them

Regularly involving new members in a discussion is vital for any community to be welcoming and allowing new members to feel like they are at home. Sometimes new member maybe shy to speak and making efforts to having them share their thoughts can make a huge difference in them being a permanent member of your community and attract their friends to join too.

4. Create a Disboard and top.gg page

Disboard and top.gg are sites to list your Discord server for others to find through a search engine. You can also advertise your server but that isn't recommended as organic growth is much healthier and more people who belong in your server will be attracted to it. However adversing can serve the same purpose.

5. Add extra value for members to be in your server

You need to add extra value to your server for your members for example allow them to share what they are working on, give them a platform to promote their stuff or talk about what they are up to. Maybe allow them to share their events. This creates an incentive for the members to stay in your community and more to join.