Auto broadcast events in a Discord channel via Atomcal

In this article we will learn

  1. How to setup a Discord channel to broadcast your events
  2. Teach you to do a 5 barrel roll ❌

First things first

  1. Connect a Discord account with Atomcal
  2. Install Atomcal into your server
  3. Connect a google calendar
If someone RSVP via the bot, then they will get 3 DM reminders (30 mins + 10 mins + 5 mins)

Now follow these steps

To connect a server and channel

  1. Go to any channel in your server
  2. Use command /set-broadcasting-calendar
  3. Select a calendar you want to broadcast events from
  4. All done ✓
Events will be broadcasted 1 hour before they start and a daily summary of events will be shared everyday at 8 am

Note:: Multiple channels and multiple servers can be connected and events will be shared in everyone of them via the bot... (helpful if you own more than 1 server)

Stop broadcasting events

  1. To stop broadcasting events simply use /stop-broadcasting-events in a channel and all broadcasts will be removed from this channel