How to share Discord events

Events is a great way to keep your community healthy and engaged and a great way to grow your community to its true potential. However, it is very time consuming task to share your events with your community for them to learn about the upcoming events and join on time.

Using Atomcal you can automate this process of sharing events with your community and have Atomcal bot share your upcoming events 24 hours, 1 hour before they start in multiple broadcasting channels!!!

Step 1: Create a calendar on Atomcal

Step 2: Create an open event in this calendar

Step 3: Register broadcasting channel(s) for this calendar

Voila, you're all done! Now Atomcal bot will automagically share events 24 hours before, 1 hours before and at the time event start in these broadcasting channels that you set!

This is perfect if you want to share your discord events in your friends server automatically to have everyone RSVP and get notified when the event is about to start!