Changelog Tue Apr 26 2022


Using the Discord bot installed on your server, you can share your upcoming open for anyone to join events directly with your community members.

Keep in mind, for the Atomcal Discord bot to pick events from your calendar,

  1. The event needs to be in a future time+date
  2. The event needs to be marked as open to join by anyone

Okay so now it's time to share this event with the Discord community for anyone to join!!!

First Atomcal Discord bot asks you which calendar you want to share events from (you can have multiple calendars at a time with open events).

Then it confirms if all looks good about the event you want to share. Maybe you want to make some last-minute changes. You can only share 1 event in one go.

Once shared, anyone in the Discord community can RSVP to your event and will be notified when the event is about to start and will be asked for their feedback once the event ends.