Changelog Tue Jul 12 2022

Public calendars and events

You can share your events with the public using your Discord username! Just type atomcal.com/{your_discord_username} and anyone can go to this link and view your open events and RSVP using their email.

For example the link below is using my username to display Atomcal's co-working sessions to the public. The same embed is available on the landing page too.



Visitors can also expand the event details to view description and also RSVP using their email if they wish.

The link can be embedded anywhere on the internet including your website for more visibility to your events.

Hotfix and improvements

  • [landing-page] now displaying Discord community and Public events on landing page
  • [fe] modularized components to support public calendars
  • [be] now supporting endpoint(s) to fetch open events for anyone using their Discord user name and discriminator
  • [hotfix] [api] []  improve notification(s) sending algo