A timeless relic

forged under the guidence of an ancient wizardry... (read the full lore)

An experience simple yet powerful

Custom Calendar Backgrounds (Wallpaper covers)
With free custom backgrounds modify your calendars to make them your own
Public Calendar URLS
Using unique public calendar URLS (available for everyone) invite whoever you want where ever they are to your events (even embed your calendars in your websites)
Weekly Leaderboard Report
Generate a (free) events leaderboard report based on who joins the most events in your server!
Discover events that match your preference (coming soon...)
Based on your set preference find events happening across communities that match your interest
ChatGPT integration to create generative description texts and allowed participants statuses and roles
Using a built-in ChatAI you can generate descriptions, statuses for anything your event is about! Infact you can also create an event at specific date, invite people to it, generate allowed statuses with roles, add a detailed description all through a 1 line text string in our CLI 🤯
2 way sync (gcal → discord → gcal)
Create events on Discord and see them on Google calendar OR create them on google calendar and see them on Discord...
Everything Seesh / Apollo / RaidHelper does but better
Everything in your regular Discord events bot(s) like free Discord integration, recurring events, auto announcements, custom guest statuses, DM notifications etc...
Calendar (and Events) templates maintained by the community
Using Tempalates (maintained by our community) you can easily create Events for different games with custom statuses and description templates
We use Discord native events only!
We use Discord native events because we want to extend Discord functionality and not take over what Discord already does nicely! This means, people can join events using the "interested" button and select their role separately
There is more!!! ALOT MORE
We don't like wasting time so just signup and decide your self :-)