🎈 10 Discord event ideas! | Simple & fun

Discord has revolutionized the way gamers and Twitch streamers interact and connect with their communities. It serves as a hub for communication, collaboration, and engagement, making it the perfect platform to host exciting events.

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Whether you're a gamer looking to bond with your fellow players or a Twitch streamer aiming to engage your audience, these ten Discord event ideas are sure to bring the fun factor to your virtual gatherings.

Although our list today is gaming and community events Β focused, communities like https://furlough.com host events that range from Agency BTS, Office hours, content creation workshops, AI Round Table, Remote Networking ETC and these sort of events are great for communities focused on business development and entrepreneurship.

Speaking of which, if your community is DAO and Blockchain focused than your events will be entirely different and catering for your members.

1 Game Nights:

Organize regular game nights where community members come together to play multiplayer games. Create dedicated voice channels and text channels for different games, allowing participants to join and coordinate their gameplay.

2 Trivia Tournaments:

Test your community's gaming knowledge with trivia tournaments. Prepare a series of gaming-related questions and host them in a dedicated text or voice channel. Award points to participants and crown the ultimate trivia champion.

3 Art Showcases:

Encourage creativity by hosting art showcases where community members can share their gaming-related artwork. Create a dedicated channel where participants can showcase their creations, and allow others to provide feedback and appreciation.

4 Giveaways:

Everyone loves a good giveaway! Plan occasional giveaways of game keys, exclusive merchandise, or even in-game items. Use Discord bots to run fair and randomized giveaways, and keep the excitement high among your community.

5 Q&A Sessions:

Offer your community a chance to interact with you directly by hosting Q&A sessions. Create a dedicated voice channel where community members can ask questions, and answer them in real-time, whether it's about gaming tips, personal experiences, or your Twitch streaming journey.

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6 Community Challenges:

Spice up the Discord server by organizing community challenges. These can range from speedrunning competitions in specific games to achieving in-game milestones. Create leaderboards or reward systems to recognize the top performers and foster healthy competition.

7 Movie Nights:

Take a break from gaming and organize movie nights within your Discord server. Use Discord's screen sharing feature or integrate it with popular streaming platforms to watch gaming-related movies, documentaries, or even stream highlights together.

8 Karaoke Nights:

Unleash the hidden talents of your community members with karaoke nights. Set up a voice channel where participants can take turns singing their favorite gaming-themed songs or tracks. Encourage a supportive and fun environment to boost participation.

9 Twitch Watch Parties:

If you're a Twitch streamer, host watch parties where you and your community can watch and discuss your favorite gaming streams or tournaments together. Share the excitement, analyze gameplay strategies, and engage in lively conversations.

10 Game Development Showcases:

If you have aspiring game developers in your community, host game development showcases. Allow them to present their projects, share progress updates, and seek feedback from fellow gamers. This can inspire collaboration and even lead to potential partnerships.

Discord offers endless possibilities for hosting exciting and engaging events for gamers and Twitch streamers alike. These ten event ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. Get creative, listen to your community's preferences, and tailor your Discord events to create memorable experiences that bring gamers closer together. So, start planning, get your community involved, and let the fun begin!

Here is a list of events you can run for a community on Discord.

1. Quiz

Quiz nights are another event which would make for a lot of fun overall. You could also have themed quiz events, where the questions are about a particular topic.

You could have a poll asking members if they'd like to participate in a quiz night and would like to be a part of a team. Then from the members that have reacted, you could randomly allocate the members into teams accordingly.

I'd definitely recommend trying out this event, as it can be a great way to help members get to know each other and get to know some great trivia too!

2. Tournament

If your server is dedicated to gaming or has a group of members who love to play a particular game, then you could host a tournament in order to crown the winner!

Since it's a tournament, games would typically be hosted once a week or several times a week in order to have the players progress and reach the semi-finals and final. Be sure to promote the semi-finals and grand finale on social media, as it could help boost server numbers too! Overall this type of event would be incredibly fun for members to take part in!

3. Gaming Nights

Gaming nights are a popular Discord event idea and consist of members playing games together, usually connected by a voice channel also.

To find out which games your server's members would like to play, I'd recommend creating a poll in order to gauge their opinions on various games. Or, you could simply have a question of the day, where you ask members what their favourite games are and what game they'd like to play if a gaming night were hosted.

From Valorant to Overwatch to Minecraft, there are so many possibilities out there. If a particular game is trending (such as the Among Us craze we saw), then you could host an event around this game too.

4. Competitions

Competitions are another event idea, where members could compete in order to win a variety of cool prizes. Whether or not you decide to include prizes is up to you; members may still wish to compete to achieve the title of winner instead. However, including a small prize at the end could help boost participation numbers. If this competition is promoted on social media also, it could be a fantastic way to boost the total number of members your server has.

5. Question of the Day

This type of event involves asking a "question of the day" at a specific time each day so that members can reply with their opinions and thoughts. The question could be about a topic that is related to your server, or a completely random topic too, depending on what you think your server's members would prefer.

This type of event would typically take place in a text channel, but a discussion-style event could also be carried out in a voice channel. That happens more rarely, as I've more often seen question of the day events hosted in the text channel of the server. You could also create a dedicated channel just for this type of event so that all dicussion is contained within this channel too.

6. Art Events

If your server has an art community or a group of people who are dedicated to art, then why not host an art-themed event? This could take the form of a drawing party, where members can draw to prompts in real-time and share their results with others. This could be hosted over a voice channel also, and through a real-time drawing collaboration website. Other events could include art competitions and art supplies giveaways also.

If your server is dedicated to the world of art, then I'd definitely recommend trying out these events, as they can be so much fun overall, and can help members get to know other like-minded members also!

7. Giveaways

Giveaways are another popular event idea that can help boost server engagement and participation overall. Hosting this type of event can also help increase traffic to your server and bring more members to it overall. If you want to boost the number of members in your server, then hosting a giveaway can be a fantastic way to do so.

If you'd like a virtual giveaway, you could host an event giving away a gift voucher or gift card for an online store, for instance. There's a whole plethora of prize options, and if you'd like input or feedback from your server, then you could create a poll asking server members about the types of prizes they'd like.

8. Collaborations With Other Servers

One of the best ways to help get more members to your server would be through collaborating with other servers. For instance, another server could host an event in collaboration with your server. Since members participating in the event will hear about your server, they'll be likely to join if it's in a similar domain or if they love the atmosphere within.

9. Daily Polls

Daily polls are another great event idea, which can help gauge opinions of server members about particular topics. They're also a great way to help encourage engagement in your server and to spark new discussions also since many of those who voted in the poll might also want to express why they've voted a particular way.

You could use a poll bot for this; simply check out your favourite bot listing and search for "poll" in the search box. One of the most popular poll bots is Simple Poll, which is quite easy to use overall, and you can create polls using a single command!

10. Discussion Night

Another event you could host is a discussion night, usually in the voice channel. This can be a great way to facilitate a fun discussion between members about a topic they're interested in and can be so much fun to host too!

The topic could be related to the server's theme; for example, if your server is about computer programming, you could have a discussion asking members about their favourite new programming languages, for instance.

Or, if your server is about gaming or anime, you could have a discussion night talking about the latest release of a new game or new anime series. You could ask members for their thoughts on the plot and so forth. It could be a great way to spark discussion amongst like-minded members!

Discord Events Ideas

Here are some examples of Discord events ideas!

Discord event ideaDetails


Quiz nights are a very popular type of Discord event, which are a lot of fun to host and participate in!


A tournament would be super fun to host and for members to participate in!

Gaming nights

You could ask your server members what their favourite games are and then host a gaming night, it can be super fun overall!


Competitions can be another great event that members can take part in. Prizes could be included too!

Question of the day

A question of the day would be a great way to encourage discussion in the server's channels and help members get to know others' opinions too!

Art events

Art events such as those with real-time drawing prompts could be super fun for those who love to draw, doodle or paint!


Giveaways are a great way to get more traffic to your server and help expand its reach to more potential server members.

Collaborations with other servers

To help advertise your server to a larger audience, you could collaborate and host events with other servers also.

Daily polls

Another event idea consists of including a daily poll in the general channel each day, so members can add their responses!

Discussion nights

Discussion nights hosted on a voice channel would be a great way for members to talk about the topic of interest, and would be so much fun!

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