5 ways to create events on Atomcal dashboard

okok/// here are 5 ways to create events on atomcal, ready?

1. By dragging on the timeline

press the "create event" button by opening a time line, then drag on the time you want to select... this will open event popup window for further editing

if there are multiple calendars active, you will be asked to select a calendar

2. Using the "+" button then selecting a date

using the + button in the bottom right corner will ask you select a date to add an event... this will add event for an hour on that day

if there are multiple calendars active, you will be asked to select a calendar

3. From calendar settings "Add new events button" then selecting date

there is a shortcut to add an event from the Calendar settings, its a big add an new event button, it will ask you select the date next and take you to that date and create an event for an hour

4. From Discord scheduled events

or note that if you (or anyone else) add events from Discord, they will sync back to Dashboard. This will retain the details of who is creating this event, but the bot will add Atomcal goodies (like custom roles) to this event.

once synced to the dashboard you can edit it normally from there, view the analytics, change guest statuses etc. Ofc, this event will also be available in the discovery section if discovery is enabled for the Discord calendar.

read what is a Discord calendar in Atomcal

Note that bot is setup to NOT delete event made by someone else, so deleting will only work from Discord if the event is made on Discord.

5. From Google Calendar

of course yes, if Google calendar is attached to a Discord calendar (or your Discord calendar originated from Google) then you can directly add events on Google calendar and this event will show up on Atomcal with all the Atomcal meta data (like custom statuses).

read how to mirror an Atomcal Discord calendar to a Google calendar.

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