Baldur’s Gate 3: Best companions in BG3

Shadowheart in Baldur's Gate 3 is shown in camp talking to a character.

Players adventuring through the world of Baldur’s Gate 3 do not need to be on their own since there are plenty of companions to accompany them.

Each companion comes with their own unique backstory, and some are also playable as an origin character, covering a range of classes and having a number of abilities to help you in whatever battle you may find yourself in.

In total, there are 10 companions to find in the world of Baldur’s Gate 3, some of whom you will meet almost immediately, while others require you to venture further into the game before you can become acquaintances.

Companions are also able to be romance options for your player, so you won’t need to worry about any lonely nights. Though some companions are definitely better than others, who can be downright annoying—no Gale, you can’t eat my magic shoes.

If you’re looking for the right team composition and who should join you on your travels, here’s our selection of the best companions—based on their combat, skills, classes, story, and more.ADVERTISING

Who are the best companions in Baldur’s Gate 3?


Karlach in Baldur's Gate 3, recognisable by red skin and demon features.
Red hot fighting. Image via Larian Studios

The fiery-hot, foul-mouthed Karlach is by far my favorite companion in Baldur’s Gate 3. She provides immense damage, plenty of health, and an endless amount of entertainment.

Karlach is a Tiefling Barbarian and has high strength stats, which allow her to inflict serious damage upon enemies as well as help to clear heavy objects that can hide loot—like the scuffed rock early in the game.

Excelling at close-range combat, Karlach is a brilliant asset for any team and can shoulder plenty of damage before being defeated, so it’s possible to use her as a primary attacking outlet or as a tank to maneuver around teammates to protect them.

The best bit about Karlach, by far, is her personality. In her companion quest, after defeating some Paladins who were hunting her, she burst into a fiery fit of rage, setting everything on fire and screaming obscenities.


Shadowheart in Baldur's Gate 3 stands with her arms out in front of her.
The ideal healer. Image via Larian Studios

A companion you can find early on in Baldur’s Gate 3, as you can rescue her in the prologue, Shadowheart is a must-have in any party composition as she provides a great source of healing, as well as fairly decent damage output.

Using spells as a Cleric, Shadowheart is able to provide protection to allies or buffs to future attacks, as well as inflict status effects on enemies themselves. She does not have tons of health, however, so jumping head-first into battle is not recommended.

With abilities that can be used at range as well as head-on, Shadowheart offers a lot in battle. She is also great at passing Perception checks to reveal hidden areas or items that provide valuable rewards.

Shadowheart’s storyline is intriguing, too. She’s a worshipper of Shar and does not remember her past, which leads to some interesting interactions and character development.


Baldur's Gate 3's Astarion has his hand on his chin, pondering
Useful, but a literal pain in the neck. Image via Larian Studios

While I find Astarion infuriating, there is no denying he has a rather unique backstory and is particularly useful when engaging in battles by using stealth to inflict serious damage.

As a Rogue, Astarion has great maneuverability and decent damage output, while he can bite enemies for self-healing when required. Though that doesn’t do much damage, it saves you from using a potion or a healing action from an ally.

The Vampiric high elf does get quite annoying in dialogue and will not stop asking me if I want to be bitten again (I don’t), but the story is an interesting concept that is progressing along nicely, even if I’m still early on in the game.


Woman with pointy ears and spots on her face wearing metal armor in Baldur's Gate 3
Fighting fit. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Larian Studios

The first ally you will come across in Baldur’s Gate 3, Lae’zel is a great option for high-damage output, particularly if you don’t have Karlach available.

As a Fighter, Lae’zel excels in close-quarters combat and is capable of shouldering significant punishment from enemies before being downed, making her a useful tank in most combat situations.

She does not get along well with Shadowheart, with the pair clashing almost immediately in the game, so you’ll find it difficult to keep both on your side.


A woman with light colored hair and pointy ears wearing gold armor in Baldur's Gate 3
Evil has its uses. Image via Larian Studios

Having Minthara as a companion requires certain choices in the game and she will not be available if you kill her (obviously), or if you romance her.

As a Paladin, Minthara provides damage output through melee as well as healing to keep your party alive, though be warned that the steps to having Minthara as a companion require you to be very, very evil.

Minthara pairs particularly well with someone who has chosen the Dark Urge origin character, however, and should be considered if you are going down that route.

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