Best race for bard baldurs gate 3

  1. Half-Elf: Half-Elves are a versatile choice for Bards. They receive a bonus to Charisma, which is the primary ability score for Bards, making them charismatic and persuasive. Additionally, they gain two extra skill proficiencies of their choice, enhancing the Bard's versatility.
  2. Tiefling: Tieflings can make interesting Bards due to their infernal heritage. They receive bonuses to Charisma and Intelligence, both of which can be useful for a Bard. Their racial spells can also add some flavorful options to your Bard's repertoire.
  3. Aasimar: Aasimar are celestial beings with a natural affinity for the divine, making them suitable for Bard subclasses like the College of Valor or College of Eloquence. They receive bonuses to Charisma and Wisdom, and they can use their radiant soul ability to deal extra damage.
  4. Drow (Dark Elf): Drow are known for their magical abilities, making them a good choice for a Bard. They have bonuses to Charisma and Dexterity, and they get access to the Drow Magic racial spells, which can complement the Bard's spellcasting.
  5. Gnome (Forest Gnome): Forest Gnomes receive a bonus to Dexterity and an innate proficiency with the minor illusion cantrip. This can be useful for Bards, especially those who want to focus on subtlety, trickery, or illusion magic.
  6. Human: The standard Human is always a solid choice due to its versatility. You can allocate your ability score bonuses to Charisma and another relevant attribute. This allows you to tailor your Bard's strengths to your preferred Bard subclass and playstyle.
  7. Halfling (Lightfoot): Halflings are naturally charismatic and make for charming Bards. Their Lucky racial trait can help you out in sticky situations, and their small size can provide advantages in certain scenarios.

Ultimately, the best race for your Bard character depends on your character concept and what kind of story and role-playing experience you want to have. Consider both the mechanical benefits and the role-playing opportunities that your chosen race can provide, and choose the one that aligns with your vision for your character.

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