New logo with more meaning


AtomCal is the first minimally designed calendar app to show you only what truly matters. This theme of simplicity is reflected in every decision that is made at AtomCal, from writing the algorithms or designing the interface and everything in between.

Every SaaS product depends its survival on a theme that makes it unique and governs its interaction with the outside world. For this, we're updating our logo to reflect our deeply ingrained ethos.

On the surface, AtomCal is the simplest calendar app you have ever used, showing you only what truly matters. Behind the scenes, it is the most powerful tool in the history of collaboration tools.

PS we just reached 100 beta signups today! Everyone who got access to AtomCal in February 2022 was reached out for their valuable feedback and rest assured everything we talked about will end up in the product in one form or another ;) Way to go!!!