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We host Let's Do the Writing events, rsvp to join!

Saturday Write Night

Come join our introverted writing session, wherein we use our peers’ expectations to ensure we actually stay still long enough to write, edit, or research!

Join our Saturday Write Night to help you get some words on the page, or to plough through that editing project you've had on the back burner. Write Nights consist of: * \~5 minutes of settling in and welcoming stragglers * 25 minutes of writing based on a prompt (or your own work) * 5 minute break to polish off that last thought and consider what went well * Rinse and repeat * \~5-10 minutes of wind down and discussion of how the session went. Video and voice is encouraged but by no means required. Our text chat within the Video Channel is very active, and if you prefer a slower or different pace we also have Voice and a Text only channels.