Fixed some bugs

hi all, there are some bugs/issues you reported that are now fixed, thought to let you know:

  1. Fixed roles & channels not showing in drop-down as events location and conference option
  2. Fixed image upload issue and dark background issue
  3. An option to prevent twitch sync on per event basis
  4. Fixed unable to select events-list channel
  5. Fixed event duplication if google and discord is connected
  6. Deleting events from dashboard / discord is more robust
  7. Fixed the perpetual calendar syncing issue for slower networks

we need help

btw I'm running out of funds to develop atomcal further, worst case scenario I will have to bank roll the development.

look not many of you can afford to pay for atomcal, i get it, some of us are just broke. but if you arent' consider subscribing to the premium, or get the lifetime deal ($249) this will help more than you think...

work in progress

there is some exciting stuff in the pipelines (thanks jade for the help) - its taking a bit longer to get it right but it will all be worth it in the end

basically I want to make it such that using just one click you can create events across multiple platforms from atomcal... for this we're adding

- facebook events integration
- youtube events integration

also right now only full calendars (with all events) can be connected with discord/twitch and google, but it makes sense to move these setting to individual events... (specially for announcement and notification settings)

for this the following work in progress

  1. redesign per event settings for third-party syncing
  2. announcement and notification settings for individual event
  3. multiple default events management per calendar & category

developer of atomcal

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