Why should DAO communities sync events with Discord and Twitter via Atomcal

Alright, here we go. Are you a DAO community leader tired of manually syncing events across different platforms? Look no further, because Atomcal is here to save the day! Here are some reasons why you should use Atomcal to sync events with Discord and Twitter:

  1. No more embarrassing scheduling mishaps

Let's face it, nothing is worse than accidentally scheduling two important DAO community events at the same time. With Atomcal, you can easily see all of your upcoming events in one place and avoid any scheduling conflicts. Plus, you can customize event details and even create recurring events, making planning a breeze.

  1. Keep your members in the loop

Don't leave your community members in the dark about upcoming events! With Atomcal, you can sync your events with Discord and Twitter, ensuring that your members are always up-to-date. Plus, you can even set custom reminders for each event, so your members never miss a thing.

  1. Impress your followers

Want to make a good impression on your Twitter followers? Atomcal can help you do just that! With Atomcal, you can customize your event details and even add custom backgrounds, making your events stand out from the rest.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Atomcal bandwagon and make your DAO community planning easier than ever before!

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