Let's start with why

Atomcal started off as an indie project in the summer of 2021. The reason why Atomcal was started was to make scheduling and team collaborations simple and fun.

It's been too long that (in form of google calendar or calendly or whatnot) the calendar and scheduling UX has been neglected and overlooked. We have ended up with boring and delightless software. Atomcal exists to change that.

Of course, there is a lot more that can be done to the calendar as a tool to make it reach its true potential (other than a great to use UX).

Imagine a calendar with enough AI to suggest events that you should commit to before starting your day? Or a calendar with enough analytics to understand how you spend your time and to save it? Or a calendar where you can collaborate with others where everyone's time is considered a priority?

An atom is the smallest particle that things are made of. The theme of Atomcal is similar where everything schedule related is thought of and simplified to a bare minimum level in hopes of allowing you to only focus on what truly matters.

For someone who experience these problems on a daily basis (tech workers or entrepreneurs or generally people who want to be good with time management) this will be a dream come true from them. Atomcal exists to make that dream a reality.

Of course, it's a hard problem to solve. Innovating anything takes time and it's a process full of trials and errors. But with enough motivation and feedback from the rest of the community, Atomcal can become the calendar we all deserve to have.

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