Baldurs gate 3 reach for the artifact

Baldur’s Gate 3 begins by throwing us right into the action and into our first choices. After surviving the madness aboard the Mindflayer’s ship, we get thrown out and onto a beach. A short wander away will be Shadowheart, whom we have already met. This leads to our first big choice in the game.

Should you take Shadowheart’s artifact?

It is best not to reach for Shadowheart’s artifact as you will not be able to get it, and doing so will start your relationship out on the wrong foot. Shadowheart is one of the best companions in BG3, so try not to make her too mad at you too early.

What happens if you reach for the artifact?

If you reach for the artifact, then Shadowheart will wake up before you can get it. As you were essentially trying to mug her while she was unconscious, this is what we would call a bad introduction.

The item is definitely a great source of mystery, and it is clear that Shadowheart puts great value on it. Hence she made sure she did not forget it on the ship when you freed her.

The good news is that there are lots of things you can do to ensure you win back her trust. She is not a fan of Lae’zel at all, so regularly disagreeing with her will win some favor. You should also ensure you are kind to animals.

She is also a big fan of brains over brawn, much preferring when you think your way through situations rather than reach for a weapon.

It is a good idea to have Shadowheart in your party often, as the Cleric is a powerful ally in combat, even if it is not her preferred course of action.

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