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Atomcal Guides
General Events management and calendar app for Discord and a guide to run events and manage communities and more

this guide will show you how you can setup atomcal for your events management in 3 easy steps

Table Of Content

1. Install the bot in a Discord server
2. Create a new local recurring event
3. Import events from Google calendar
4. Create events on Discord server
5. Sync events to Twitch schedule

Install the bot in a Discord server

to install the bot on Discord you need to make a Discord server first, then after signing in on the dashboard it will show you all your servers you can manage

select the server to install the bot, once installed go back to the dashboard and select the server again to choose a channel for announcement

Create a new local recurring event

there are multiple ways to create an event on atomcal dashboard, but the easier way is to 1. select add new event 2. then select a date and 3. add the details like recurrence...

5 ways to create events on Atomcal dashboard
5 way to add events on the atomcal dashboard for discord events google events twitch events facebook events youtube events linkedin events twitter events

Import events from Google calendar

remember this - a calendar in atomcal needs to be separately connected with a discord channel if you want to sync events in this calendar with discord server

so if you connect your gcal and there are 5 calendars in gcal, then you must choose which calendar events you want to sync with discord

click on a calendar twice 1. to load/view the events and 2. to open the details (once the details are opened you can then connect discord channel with this calendar)

lookout for these things

1. it can take a while to load calendars from google if you have many calendars
2. events can also take a while to load after you select a calendar
3. you need to toggle a calendar twice to view its details
4. each calendar needs to be connected separately with discord

Create events on Discord server

now the best feature of atomcal is anyone can create event on discord and they will sync with the Atomcal dashboard / your public calendar / and google calendar

plus this event made on discord will have Atomcal meta data like custom statuses

lookout for these things

1. if two calendars are connected with the same server, then the first calendar will be chosen to save events that are made on Discord
2. sometimes you need to refresh the dashboard for the events to show up

Sync events to Twitch schedule

using the same process you can also connect your Twitch schedule, 1. signin using your Twitch account 2. connect to configure and sync

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