Changelog Tue Mar 08 2022

Timezones Support

The core now supports different timezones. If the timezone shifts. For example, if you fly to another timezone or your DST shifts Atomcal Core will detect these shifts and confirm with you before moving the events to the appropriate time.

from 10am the event shifts to 6pm when the timezone shifts from -8 GMT to +0 GMT

Technically, since all the events are saved in GMT on the backend Atomcal doesn't update the events in anyway but only updates the timezone, which is used to calculate the correct time for the event in real-time.

Hotfix and improvements
  • [hotfix] [api] [atomcal-core]  modules and sub features
  • [hotfix] [api] [ghosty] ghosty will now send changelog as email to all members when it is published
  • [hotfix] [api] [discord]  members command now shows number of members who are waiting and has access
  • [hotfix] [api] [discord]  fixing funnel
  • [hotfix] [api] [backend] reopen child process
  • [hotfix] [api] [ghosty]  hotfix can now be without a slug
  • [hotfix] [api] [discord]  command improvements
  • [hotfix] [api] [ghosty]  now upserting feature flag on publish
  • [hotfix] [api] [ghosty]  now shared scheduled features via /release-schedule command
  • [hotfix] [api] [ghosty]  now generating changelog when feature gets updated on CMS
  • [hotfix] [api] [ghosty]  ghosty now generate next weeks changelog after publishing this weeks changelog
  • [improvement] [api] [ghosty]  allow ghosty to add improvements to changelog
  • [hotfix] [api] [ghosty]  fix ghosty not adding improvements to changelog (SMH)
  • [hotfix] [api] [ghosty]  fixed email recipient filter not working
  • [improvement] [api] [discord]  link account command is now open for public use
  • [hotfix] [api] []  fixed funnel duplication logs
  • [hotfix] [fe] []  now using member id for identifying events and refreshing on timezone change