Changelog Tue Mar 22 2022

Real-time syncing

Atomcal core supports real-time syncing of the events to any other device you are logged in to. The events are synced in real-time across multiple devices.

The events are also pushed to any guest who is invited to that event.

Hotfix and improvements

  • [hotfix] [fe] []  reworked event creation flow and more keyboard shortcuts now using member id for identifying events and refreshing on timezone change
  • [improvement] [api] [discord]  WIP adding a way to share and join open events
  • [improvement] [api] [discord]  request gaming schedule WIP
  • [improvement] [api] [discord]  adding a help command for Atomcal bot
  • [hotfix] [api] [ops]  now Atomcal bot will redirect to dev server if main server is down, and check periodically if main server is up again to disable the redirect
  • [improvement] [api] [discord]  now granting access to users with connected discord
  • [improvement] [api] [discord]  me command now shows more info
  • [improvement] [fe] [core]  added navigation arrows in the header and initial implementation of availabilities tab
  • [improvement] [fe] [core] usability feedback improvements like reducing the height of collapsed events and pressing on header or free time strip now expands the timeline
  • [improvement] [api] [open-events]  now sending updates to existing invitees