Changelog Tue Jun 07 2022

Broadcast Events

Discord channels can now be connected with a calendar in Atomcal. Every event in this calendar will be broadcasted into the connected channel. The broadcast happen 24hrs before, 1hr before and at the time event starts.

No more manual sharing of events means more attendees with less headache...

Let's gooooo!!!!

Hotfix and improvements

  • [improvement] [fe] []  zoom links can now be generated entirely via keyboard &&
  • [improvement] [fe] [] adding cli command Toggle Traditional Calendar Mode in favour of zoom out/start expanded &&
  • [improvement] [fe] [] added a believe to skip text in waiting list screen &&
  • [improvement] [fe] [] removed block usage in favour of title and description &&
  • [improvement] [fe] [] added a settings menu in event details &&
  • [improvement] [fe] [] updating event title or start/end time also update zoom meeting if attached &&
  • [improvement] [fe] []  adding believer copy in portal UI &&
  • [improvement] [fe] []  deleting events are now instant through local event state update && added a settings option to disable event broadcasting to discord
  • [hotfix] [api] [discord]  updating feature inserts feature text twice