Changelog Tue Jun 14 2022

Custom guest statuses

Using Atomcal you can customize the allowed guest status. By default the status are:

  1. RSVPed
  2. Might not make it
  3. Not coming

These statuses can be anything you want. Imagine if you want the RSVPers to have a specific role, for example, speaker / listener in a staged event OR support / carry role in the MMO party!


Easy stuff bro. You can do so like this

  1. Go to the event settings in event details
  2. Press the customise event guest status option
  3. Add as many roles as you like separated by comma

Not every status will receive the notification (imagine if status is "not going"). You can set which status receive a notification by setting in the options.


You can allow only a certain Discord roles to be allowed to RSVP a certain status. To do this, after the status text in the settings, write <@&role_id>.

Copy the role ID from discord by enabling dev mode or something.

Hotfix and improvements

  • [hotfix] [fe]  fixed an issue where closing details was causing a UI bug &&
  • [hotfix] [fe]  fixed an issue where event owner wasn’t immediately a part of guest list &&
  • [improvement] [fe]  now showing “Done ✓” button in the header if any picker is active &&
  • [improvement] [be] [discord]  Now showing time in user local timezone in discord event embed &&
  • [improvement] [be] [discord]  Discord event now has a “Atomcal Report” button which shows user event conflicts report with the shared event &&
  • [improvement] [be] [discord]  Events now support upto 35 guest status per event (more can be added but won’t show in Discord) &&
  • [improvement] [be] [discord]  now displaying event owner name in Discord event embed &&
  • [improvement] [be] [discord]  Gathering discord Feedback is now optional (toggle from settings menu), and feedback is now text based (using Discord Modal) &&
  • [improvement] [be] [discord]  now you can’t RSVP if shared event on Discord is archived or in past &&
  • [improvement] [be] [discord]  on Discord event owners can now change their RSVP status (previously weren’t allowed)
  • [improvement] [api] []  now supporting status keys with roles using <#& && log update only if prod && trim share event button text to max 60 chars && by event owner is now hosted by event owner && fixed description still having markdown slashes

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