Changelog Tue Jun 28 2022

At Atomcal the goal from day one is to help people collaborate more effectively and efficiently for we believe collaboration is where people thrive and good things happen.

For this, from this week onwards we will have recurring daily coworking sessions and weekly believer meet-ups in our Discord community! If you're not a part of our community join now.

The goal of these events is to provide a platform for everyone to come together and share anything from ideas for improving Atomcal, to something you're working on or excited about or need help with!

The idea behind these sessions is to build a truly open product where every user is heard and their ideas are listened to but to also provide our community a platform where everyone can come and collaborate (these events will also help test the event broadcasting system in a real life situation which makes it a win win situation :))

Hotfix and improvements

  • [hotfix] [api]  now storing event feedback if gather feedback is enabled
  • [hotfix] [api] now removing event from discord if event becomes private
  • [improvement] [fe] Only show discord settings if discord account is connected
  • [improvement] [fe] Only show sync settings if channel and server are connected
  • [improvement] [fe] Now showing option to learn how to connect a Discord server and channel if not already connected
  • [improvement] [fe] If Discord account is connected event is now set as open for public by default and event discord settings are enabled by default. This means if event belongs to a calendar set for broadcasting in Discord, there are no extra steps required to sync the event with Discord events.
  • [hotfix] [api] fixed broadcasts not using latest guests status && fixed an issue where question was being gathered even if guest unRSVPs
  • [improvement] [api] set broadcasting channel now requires a trusted role (previously it could be set by anyone in the server)
  • [improvement] [api] added a new Discord command to view broadcasting channels (and servers)
  • [improvement] [api] added a new Discord command to stop broadcasting events to channel in question
  • [improvement] [api] added a new Discord command to stop syncing events to the server in question
  • [improvement] [api] added guild ats2.0 for testing multiple servers broadcasts

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