Event notes

Atomcal now supports full fledged event notes support. Notes are WYSIWYG supporting markdown based, so anything markdown is supported out of the box. For example adding headings, code blocks, tables, highlighting, even todos are supported out of the box!

More on TODOS

Todos are first class citizens in everything Atomcal. You can convert and text line into a todo by typing [ ]. What is interesting is even the Activities (or event it self) can be a todo (or highlighted, or turned into a table etc).

This means, your events can be todos if you want them to be.

Done/Not Done todos are shown on the collapsed event card on the timeline

The notes in Atomcal also support commands (which can be used by /). There are many commands like adding Google or Notion document embeds. Even to create a conference link you will use the command to generate! Like so...

Editors and viewers

Anyone invited to the event will see the notes (updated in real-time) but won't be able to edit. Anyone having access to the calendar will be able to edit the notes.

Notes as description of the event

These notes are shared in notifications (on Discord OR email) as event description. So anyone invited, or anywhere shared...