Changelog Tue Apr 05 2022

All day events

Atomcal core supports creating all-day events. To create an all-day event you can drag to create an event that goes from 00:00 till 11:59 on one day. The event then will be converted into an all-day event.

All-day events can also last for two or more days.

Hotfix and improvements

  • [hotfix] [api] fixed double discord interactions issue and calendar paging support
  • [hotfix] [api] fixed discord RSVP button not working
  • [hotfix] [api] fixed event starting reminder notification being 5 minutes after the event rather before
  • [improvement] [api] removed start time from the message when someones RSVP to an event
  • [improvement] [api] now attaching calendar image to the event card on discord when shared
  • [improvement] [api] now sending notification when someone is invited to a calendar
  • [improvement] [api] now Ghosty post tweets on feature launch
  • [improvement] [fe] added loading indicator when a user is invited to a calendar
  • [improvement] [fe] added calendar image if present in CLI
  • [improvement] [fe] imporve collapsed card UI && remove theme switching button in favor of forward slash
  • [improvement] [api] made provider id unique for calendar,
  • [hotfix] [api] prevent notification when event is deleted,
  • [hotfix] [api] prevent notification when event is in past,
  • [hotfix] [api] potential fix for sharing shared calendar events bug on discord
  • [hotfix] [api] no primary cal? no problem
  • [hotfix] [api] prevent connecting multiple discord accounts to a single atomcal account
  • [improvement] [api] trusted user role for broadcasting rights
  • [improvement] [api] now atomcal gather feedback after event
  • [improvement] [api] real time update between discord and atomcal

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