The calendar layer for Discord


  1. Yes, we sync directly with native discord events (No embeds BS)
  2. Yes, recurring events (from google calendars)
  3. Yes, events sync 2ways (from Google to Discord to Google)
  4. Yes, you can add Cover image & react emojies from google description
  5. Yes, we allow custom guests statuses and only @roles RSVP
  6. Yes, we have free event history support
  7. Yes, there is cool interface that can be shared publicly
  8. Yes, we clean up after Discord event ends (no more dead links)

Atomcal is a calendar application that integrates with Google and Discord.

Using Atomcal you can create a schedule with recurring events (or sync them via Google) and bring them to Discord to share them with your community / friends, and be reminded about them in DMs.

What does this article cover?

What is Atomcal and what does it do

Atomcal at it's core is a stand-alone calendar app that you can use to schedule events, invite guests as participants, create repeating events, take event notes including todos, connect third party calendar(s) in a beautiful calendar.

How you can use Atomcal as a Discord calendar

Atomcal also provides a Discord bot, that can be used to share your recurring events on the calendar to your Discord community without any extra effort. The events can also be shared in DMs. The events are stored forever so you can even see the event history (for example who joined).

Your calendar can also be embedded in your website.

As a community manager this will save hours creating and sharing new events, and will ensure great visibility and turnout by auto broadcasting the events into a channel when they are about to start.

Why Atomcal over any other Discord scheduling bot (Apollo/Sesh/Raid)

There are few things Atomcal does differently

1. It has a complete and stand-alone calendar experience

2. Free and automated recurring events

3. History and audit logs

4. Calendar embeds

The future plans for Atomcal

Event discovery, event suggestions, analytics, availability sharing