Auto sync Discord events to Google Calendar

If you're a part of Discord community and join their events and want these events to show up on your Google calendar without manually doing so, its possible using the Atomcal Discord Bot.

Here is how this works

  1. The owner of the event must sync the event via Atomcal
  2. The event must be in any of the (owners) connected Google calendar
  3. The event owner must have tier 1 boost to sync event back to google
  4. You main Atomcal email must match with your primary Google calendar email

Now two things happen when you mark as interested on Discord Event

  1. Your primary Atomcal email is added to the guest list for that event on Atomcal
  2. The event gets updated on Google with your email as guest
  3. The event will show on your primary Google calendar (and Atomcal)