Public calendars and events

You can share your events with the public using your Discord username! Just type{your_discord_username} and anyone can go to this link and view your open events and RSVP using their email.

For example the link below is Atomcal's teams public calendar that has our upcoming co-working sessions.

The same embed is available on the landing page too.


Visitors can also expand the event details to view description and also RSVP using their email if they wish.

The link can be embedded anywhere on the internet including your website for more visibility to your events.

Event copy pasta

You can now copy paste events in Atomcal.

Copy pasting events mean it will save tons of time when you have repeating events on Discord for example. In theory, it will make the process efficient and save tons of your time creating same events.

In this blog post we will:

  1. See how you can copy paste an event(s) until infinity
  2. Bake you a cheesecake ❌

How to copy paste an event in Atomcal

  1. Create and select an event
  2. Copy event using CTRL + C
  3. Go to the date you want to paste this event
  4. Paste this event using CTRL + V

All done ✔. You can select the date you want to post the event in by either clicking on this days schedule, or using keyboard to go to this event via key(s).


How to copy paste until eternity?

When you paste an event, the jumps are remembered by Atomcal. So when you paste the event again (CTRL+V) the next paste will happen after the jumps.


I am only pressing CTRL+V

All day events

Atomcal core supports creating all-day events. To create an all-day event you can drag to create an event that goes from 00:00 till 11:59 on one day. The event then will be converted into an all-day event.

All-day events can also last for two or more days.

You can also hover next to event time in details mode and use button to turn event into all day event...

Real-time syncing

Atomcal core supports real-time syncing of the events to any other device you are logged in to. The events are synced in real-time across multiple devices.

The events are also pushed to any guest who is invited to that event.

Conflict resolution algorithm

Another core feature that stands out in Atomcal is the conflict resolution algorithm. Often the reason regular calendars are clunky and we are frustrated by them is because of how they deal with event conflicts (events happening at the same time).

For Atomcal there is a twist with conflicts. Where the conflicting events on the timeline view may look how they normally would in any other calendar app.

But when the timeline is collapsed into an agenda view something special happens. The conflicting events become slidable and the event that you care most about can be hovered upon to view in full! Let me demonstrate.


Compare Timezones

Atomcal allows comparing timezones when creating an event using the CLI command. You can select which timezone you want to compare and it will be right next to your default timezone. Such that when creating an event you can pick the best time for your counterpart...

Collapsible events

The theme of Atomcal is simple and minimal design. Often, regular calendars are cluttered with events and are often regarded as cluttered and exacerbate email hell. To avoid this at Atomcal there was a need to rethink how we perceive events.

Two things stand out as the basis. Not a lot of people care about events in the past. And second, often all we want is to know what is "up next" in our event list.

For this, Atomcal has collapsible events. Where each day can be collapsed into an agenda view or expanded into a timeline view for creating or editing events when needed using either pressing the Space or Enter keys or just clicking on the free time slots or the schedule date.


No more exhaustion when looking at a full schedule every day.

Command Line Interface

Atomcal Core has a built-in command-line interface to streamline your calendar usage in a fast and subtle way. To access the command line you can press cmd + k which will pop over a CLI that supports different commands accessible via a fuzzy search field.

Timezones Support

The core now supports different timezones. If the timezone shifts. For example, if you fly to another timezone or your DST shifts Atomcal Core will detect these shifts and confirm with you before moving the events to the appropriate time.

from 10am the event shifts to 6pm when the timezone shifts from -8 GMT to +0 GMT

Technically, since all the events are saved in GMT on the backend Atomcal doesn't update the events in anyway but only updates the timezone, which is used to calculate the correct time for the event in real-time.


Speed is a feature.

From loading new events, to navigating between days, to creating new events, to inviting guests, to adding todos, to taking notes and generating summaries is (and always will be) SUPA FAST.

This requires extra engineering effort but in the end the micro interactions are what makes a user experience delightful.

Which makes speed embedded in Atomcal's DNA.

Infinite scrolling canvas

Atomcal core is an infinite scrolling canvas of weekdays that can be expanding into a timeline view. As a user, you can use arrow keys to go back and forth between the days. Once expanded you can also create an event by dragging on the timeline between a certain time.

The event can then be expanded by clicking on it to add more details like the event name and description etc. Once an event is created, the timeline can then be collapsed to only see the scheduled event in a day's agenda view.

Infinite scrolling canvas with collapsable day timeline view

If two or more events are at the same time, these events will stack on top of each other in a unique way when in agenda view. To delete an event just drag the event from the timeline view out of the window (in the trash bin that pops up in the header to be precise).

To delete an event just throw it out!