Schedule recurring Discord events

In this article we will learn

  1. How to setup recurring Discord events via Atomcal
  2. Teach you to bake a cake ❌

First things first

  1. Connect a Discord account with Atomcal
  2. Install Atomcal into your server
  3. Connect a google calendar (if you want)

Create recurring events

  1. Create an event in Atomcal
  2. Change the setting to be recurring
If you have connected your Google calendar and it has recurring events, then you won't need to create a new one...

Bring events to Discord

To sync events to a server

  1. Go to any channel in your server
  2. Use command /set-syncing-calendar
  3. Select a calendar you want to bring events from
  4. All done ✓
You can also use /set-broadcasting-calendar to broadcast these events to channels

Read: Auto broadcast events in a Discord channel via Atomcal

Note:: Multiple channels and multiple servers can be connected and events will be synced in everyone of them via the bot... (helpful if you own more than 1 server)

Stop syncing events

  1. To stop broadcasting events simply use /stop-syncing-events-to-server in a channel and all events will be removed from this server